Peter Culley Fruit Dots (Tsunami Editions, 1987)
Dan Farrell Ape (Tsunami Editions,1988)
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk Oral Tragedy (Tsunami Editions, 1988)
Robert Mittenthal Ready Terms (Tsunami Editions,1989)
Andrew Klobucar Anthology
Jeff Derksen North Of: Review of North of Intention, by Steve McCaffery
Peter Culley Because I Am Always Talking
Colin Smith Convocation speech for the KSW Convocation Ceremony, 1996
Aaron Vidaver From an interview with Gerald Creede
Lisa Robertson City of Ziggurats [Kootenay School of Writing's Funding], 1998
Paulette Jiles Hustling at the New Poetics Colloquium
Pauline Butling Responding to Hustling at the New Poetics Colloquium
Clint Burnham Sitting in a bar on Commercial drive recently Dorothy Trujillo Lusk asked me why we had