Charles Bernstein Being a Statement on Poetics for the New Poetics Colloquium of the Kootenay School Of Writing, Vancouver, British
Michael Barnholden Introduction to Writing Class: The Kootenay School of Writing
+ Andrew Klobuca Anthology
Jeff Derksen North Of: Review of North of Intention, by Steve McCaffery
Peter Culley Because I Am Always Talking
Colin Smith Convocation speech for the KSW Convocation Ceremony, 1996
Aaron Vidaver From an interview with Gerald Creede
Lisa Robertson City of Ziggurats [Kootenay School of Writing's Funding], 1998
Paulette Jiles Hustling at the New Poetics Colloquium
Pauline Butling Responding to Hustling at the New Poetics Colloquium
Clint Burnham Sitting in a bar on Commercial drive recently Dorothy Trujillo Lusk asked me why we had