KSW 10th anniversary. Roy Miki front row, in blue


Roy Miki read at: Vancouver Art Gallery

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Roy Miki

Reads at Vancouver Art Gallery


Thursday, October 29, 1992

Authors who read on this date:
Maxine Gadd
Roy Miki
Catriona Strang

Introduced by Lisa Robertson


Introduction to Gadd 0:02:16
Maxine Gadd, whole reading 0:12:16
Roy Miki, whole reading 0:23:29
Introduction to Strang 0:01:29
Catriona Strang, whole reading 0:22:36

© Maxine Gadd, 1992
© Roy Miki, 1992
© Catriona Strang, 1992

Part of a series of readings organised by Lisa Robertson at the VAG in partnership with her bookstore Proprioception Books.Like all the recordings we made at the Vancouver Art Gallery, there is a fair bit of atmospheric noise from the gallery's air system.

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